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Captured Moments from some of our best fishing trips!


UFE-TV Episode 4 “Classic Dreams”

Cpl Larry Draughn & Jason Quinn at Promise Ranch

UFE-TV – Episode 3 “Healing the Wounds of War”

GySgt. John Hayes & Shaw Grigsby in Kissimmee, FL

UFE-TV – Episode 2 “Business as Usual”

Capt. Ferris Butler & Boyd Duckett at Leavellwood Lodge

UFE-TV – Episode 1 “Fond Memories”

Sgt. Joe Kowalski & Bobby Lane on Lake Toho

Cajun Redfish Experience

Lowcountry Redfish Experience

Mad Fin Shark Fishing Experience

Space Coast Shuttle Launch Experience

Central Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Experience



Keith brought us each a new pair of Kaenon sunglasses. Lets just say that my Costas have been put into retirement. The optics, fit, and construction on the Kaenon's are far superior.
Capt. Brady, Los Suenos, Costa Rica




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Largemouth Bass Fishing in Kissimmee, FL

Fish with the pros you see on TV