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The Best Lure for Florida Bass

The Best Lure for Florida Bass is … One of the questions I get asked all the time — by clients on the water or when I’m doing a seminar — is this one: What’s the best lure for Florida bass? Well, after a lifetime of bass fishing and years of fishing and guiding in [...]

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Jab To Set Up The Punch

Over the past few years, a lot has been written about “punching” matted vegetation. If you’re not familiar with the technique, it’s a flippin’ and pitching method that employs a very heavy weight — usually tungsten — pegged to a soft plastic bait like a Beaver. The heavy sinker is needed to penetrate the dense [...]

Knock A Hole In It – With Scott Rook

By Dan O’Sullivan Skinny stained water, current, grass and trash lining to banks with brush piles strategically planted shallow and deep. Scott Rook is at home. The above scenario is much like the home waters of the Little Rock, Ark. pro. The Arkansas River is the perfect place for an angler to challenge himself. For [...]

On The Ledge With Terry Scroggins

Summertime is here in Florida and many other parts of the country which means that Bass have all but finished their spawning cycle and have made their move to main lake structure; or they are well on their way. In many areas of the country one of the best places to catch bass consistently is an offshore [...]

A BASS Guide To Florida with Stacy Twiggs

Florida is one of the true heartbeats of bass fishing.  Places like Lake Toho, Kissimmee, Okeechobee, Bienville Plantation and so many more have legendary status amongst the bass fishing community.  Florida is also responsible for the spread of the Florida Strain largemouth; the largest and fastest growing strain of the species. While Florida has earned [...]

Swim Jigs “KVD Style”

Shallow water, cover, grass and a little wind add up to a solid spinnerbait bite in the pre-spawn time frame.  However torrid a blade bite can be; it also becomes one of the first bites to shut down when fishing pressure increases. You’ve been in the situation; you’re on your favorite lake and you’re catching [...]

Signature Series Bass Fishing Clinics

What do you think you could learn about frog fishing in a day on the water with Dean Rojas, flipping heavy cover with Bobby Lane or river fishing with Kevin Short? Maybe you would like to learn how to become a better finesse fisherman. You couldn’t possibly absorb the amount of knowledge that Aaron Martens [...]

Tough Bite? Give ‘Em a Snack with Mark Menendez

Tough bites can be downright frustrating.  The picture is the same, show up at the lake for a tournament, the reaction baits are all tied up, and visions of five pounders leap in our heads.  We envision carrying five bags loaded with heavy bass and the crowd going nuts as we are handed our trophy. [...]

Fishing Ahead With Greg Vinson

It’s early spring and the bass should be spawning, but they aren’t quite in the areas you’d expect them to be.  You think you know where they live; but, it’s spring, and your gut tells you they should be near the spawn.  But, the conditions aren’t quite right, the water’s not quite warm enough, you’re [...]


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Largemouth Bass Fishing in Kissimmee, FL

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