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Find Better Deals on Fishing Gear

There is nothing worse than fighting traffic and spending time looking for something in the store, only to find your neighborhood retailer doesn’t have the item you want in stock. Shopping on line is as convenient as a Google search, and allows you to shop for the exact products, colors, styles and options you want, while also comparing […]

How to Choose the Right Trolling Motor for Your Boat

Electric trolling motors have become standard equipment for both bass fishermen and saltwater inshore anglers. There is no denying the fact that a trolling motor gives you the ability to cover a great deal of water, quietly and efficiently, which ultimately helps us catch more fish. There are a lot of options out there, so […]

Florida’s Most Famous Trophy Bass Lake

There is a short list of lakes around the country with a reputation for consistently producing a large number of trophy class largemouth bass.  Year after year, Florida’s famed Lake Okeechobee is at or near the top of that list because of the shear number of trophy class largemouth bass being caught and released. Locally referred to […]

Bass Lure Selection by Season

Bass are among the most sought-after freshwater game fish. Everyone from professional anglers to weekend fishermen spend countless hours trying to discover the magic lure to catch bass every time they fish. But the truth is, there is no single bait that mimics all the forage opportunities bass have throughout the year. Knowing the primary […]


Determination.  It is truly the only way to accomplish a desired goal, whether it be in life or specifically, as in my case, fishing.  Fishing can be ultimately rewarding to those with the determination to be successful, and infuriating to others that may waiver in their dedication and determination. In a world where success is […]

Sailing Through Summer

Up to date Guatemala Sport Fishing reports with Captain Kiwi Chris Van Leeuwen. See why Guatemala is known as the Sailfish Capitol of the World. FISHING THROUGH JUNE 15th May 29th, the Thor Sheffield group (above) joined us on ALLURE II for one day of fishing and one night down at the Lodge. A mixed […]

10 Ultimate Gifts for Fishermen

What are the best gifts for fishermen? To a fisherman, there is no such thing as too much tackle or fishing gear, but if you’re not sure what kind of fishing they do or what kind of gear they already have, it can be a challenge to buy the right stuff.  Problem solved…  Here’s a list […]

The Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the U.S.

Wondering where the best place to go bass fishing is? If you’re like me, and you need to satisfy the urge to get your string stretched more frequently than your schedule allows, than the answer might be a golf course or neighborhood pond after work.  Any place I can sneak away for an hour or […]

The World’s Best Bass Fishermen

The bass fishing community has descended upon Alabama for the biggest and best bass fishing event of the year.  Considered the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing, the Bassmaster Classic has 56 contenders vying for the most coveted title in bass fishing…Bassmaster Classic Champion.  This year’s 3-day tournament is being held on what is arguably one […]

The Most Important Thing

There is a lot to reflect on this time of year, and it always helps me put things in perspective. I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and for those that lie ahead.  Mostly…I am appreciative of relationships. The most valuable things in life are the people we are surrounded by. They not only […]

This Is Not A Dream

After dreaming of the opportunity for so long, the anticipation of actually fishing the first tournament of my professional career was so great that I drove straight through from Dayton, Ohio to Orlando, Florida in one day! I couldn’t wait to get my new boat on the water and a rod in my hand. Over the next […]

Keith Alan’s Blog: A Man on a Mission

Sgt. Joe Kowalski (USMC, Ret.) is a man on a mission.  The 52-year old, disabled Gulf War Veteran from Cheshire, CT discovered that fishing helped him manage his PTSD.  Once Joe realized how fishing was helping him, he figured it could help other veterans, so he started a fishing outreach program. Named after his lifelong […]

Larry Draughn’s Amputee Fishing Blog

Since the day that I got hurt, I never thought that I would be able to share the things that I love to do with my little boy. Having a strong wife who pushed me every day that I laid in that hospital bed told me to stop worrying and keep positive is what got […]

Sarge’s Blog: Get Off Your A**

When I started the Maj. Steven Roy Andrews Fishing Outreach Program four years ago I never dreamed that I could reach out to all veterans around the country. Thanks to Keith Alan and Jason Wald, I now have that very opportunity threw THE ULTIMATE FISHING EXPERIENCE TV Show. First off, to pull one over on the […]

Be A Hero

Today my career dream comes true, when the NBC Sports Network premieres the first episode of the Ultimate Fishing Experience TV Series.  When I first met my friend Jason Wald, it didn’t take long to realize how much we had in common. Although we were raised on opposite coasts with different influences, we are both […]

A Hero’s Reward

Like millions of Americans, we celebrated 4th of July weekend by having a pool party and cookout with family and friends. Whether you went fishing, took the family to the beach or had your own pool party, did you ever take a moment to consider the reason for the 3 day weekend? 235 years of […]

Bucket List

Somewhere, we all have a list of things we want to experience “someday.” What’s on your list? Does it include a fishing trip in Florida or someplace exotic like Costa Rica. Maybe you dream of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or sitting at a high stakes poker table in Vegas. While we all have those lists of […]

Freedom Is NOT Free

I had the priviledge of spending a day on the water with two guys who know all too well what Memorial Day is all about. Former B.A.S.S. Youth Director Stacy Twiggs has done more to get kids involved in fishing than anybody I know. He almost never talks about what happened to him during the […]

Another Reason To Fish

National Fishing & Boating Week is June 4th – 12th How amazing would it be if we could all have jobs doing what we love to do on the weekends?  It’s beyond your dream job, because it’s something you’re so passionate about you do it on your own time and your own dime, every chance […]

The Final Countdown

When opportunity knocks, you rarely get a second chance to answer the door.  That statement is certainly true when it comes to fishing. Just think of all of the times you’ve had a shot at a fish and missed it, or better yet, hooked it and lost it.  There are those rare instances that you […]

The Future Of Fishing

There has been a lot of talk about the state of the sport, and there is no question that the fishing industry has taken a hit. Then again, the majority of American businesses have felt the squeeze over the past 3 years. While we all know there are fewer boats being sold, are there really […]

The Alan Report Debuts Classic Week

A busy week is about to get better as I head to New Orleans for the Bassmaster Classic.  For the first time since 2005 I wont be standing on the weigh stage, and I’m okay with that.  Lots of exciting things on the horizon with the Experience, and I’m looking forward to going to the […]

Taking It To ’11

Since January 1st, we have had more web visitors and more reservations requests than ever before. I appreciate everybody spreading the word. If you haven’t taken the time to navigate the new site, get in there and play with the tag cloud. It’s a fun way to browse.  If you haven’t turned any of your […]

Make It Count!

Consider what the most rewarding moments of your life have been.  For me it goes far beyond catching big fish or career opportunities to be on TV. My most rewarding moments aren’t when I am the one in the spotlight.  On the contrary, they are when I am able to shine that light on somebody […]

South Carolina’s Lowcountry

On a recent family trip to one of the most beautiful historic cities in America, I discovered an ecosystem teaming with life and a redfish bite rivaled only by Louisiana.  What makes Charleston such a fantastic fishing destination is that has such a great variety of offerings both on and off the water.  In fact, […]


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