At first glance this may look like a foreign object hanging from the stern of your boat.  In reality, it may be the biggest innovation shallow water anglers have seen in years.  If you sight fish or spend anytime fishing in less than 10 feet of water you need this device.  As a tool, it will change the way you fish.  Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors work great in both fresh and saltwater.  If you are a flats fisherman, consider having the ability to instantly “stake out” with the push of a button.  No more struggling to get the boat stopped or in position.  No trying to secure the push pole quickly and quietly so you can make a cast before fish spook.  With a touch of a button or wireless remote, your Power Pole is quietly deployed and your boat is held in position while you fish.  During the Spring spawn, more and more Bass fisherman are using Power Pole shallow water anchors to position and hold their boats in place and remain stealthy while targeting bedding Bass and anytime they want to effortlessly and quietly hold their boats in place to fish or even to hold their boats at the dock.  Many opt for a double rig that gives you total control of your boat positioning and eliminates any bow swing in the wind.

Fishing Benefits

  • Holds your boat* in place with winds up to 30 mph.
  • Anchor deploys in seconds, with no loud splashing to scare away the fish
  • Prevents your boat from drifting while you're re-tying your line.
  • Ideal for sight fishing.
  • Stops your boat EXACTLY where you want to stop.
  • Doesn't muddy up the water or scare fish away like a trolling motor.
  • Holds in gravel, rock, sand, grasslines, oysterbars, sandpockets...without damaging sealife or ripping up seagrass!
  • Tough as steel, won't rust - guaranteed.

Pro and Sportsman models avalable in 6 and 8 foot depths.
*boats up to 25 feet in length. 
**with optional remote accessory.

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